Pre-Loss Disaster Recovery Planning

Let Renewit bring you peace of mind.

Like it or not, floods, fires, sewage breaks and other disasters happen - usually when we least expect it.  The team at Renewit is trained and certified in Disaster Recovery Restoration Services.  We will work with you to create a tailored-made Pre-Loss Plan to ensure that your business is protected and attended to in case of a disaster.

The main goal of a Pre-Loss Plan is to minimize the impact the disaster has on your business.  In order to achieve this goal, Renewit will meet with you to discuss critical areas of concern and devise a plan that focuses on the following objectives:

  • Minimize any financial loss sustained as a result of the disaster
  • Reduce the duration of downtime and get your business up and running at 100% functionality as soon as possible
  • Expedite the restoration process by selecting service providers in advance
  • Train staff on disaster procedures, duties and roles
  • Assign a disaster “point person” to work directly with Renewit throughout the recovery process

Rest assured that Renewit is fully capable of handling any of your disaster needs:

The best part is that your custom-made Pre-Loss Disaster Recovery Plan is 100% FREE!  The survival of your business is on the line - let us bring you peace of mind!  Contact Renewit today!

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The Renewit team is trained and certified in Disaster Recovery Restoration Services.