24/7 Sewage Cleanup Services

Sewage damage is serious business and must be attended to immediately.  Sewage can ruin furniture, walls, air ducts, carpeting, etc.  If left for prolonged periods of time, it will become toxic and even more damaging, causing mold, mildew, and airborne diseases.  These are serious health threats.  For this reason, sewage cleanup is generally not the best DIY project --- taking care of the problem correctly requires protective gear, specialized cleaning agents, and high-tech sewage cleanup equipment.

Renewit provides rapid 24 hour emergency sewage cleanup service.  Our team of experts will come to your home or business, asses the damage, and propose a comprehensive plan to remove the damage.

Renewit will:

  1. Use water extraction systems to remove and dispose of the water and sewage overflow
  2.  Remove all porous, contaminated content & structural material, such as carpet / carpet padding, dry wall, insulation, molding, etc.
  3.  Disinfect all non-porous contaminated surfaces using specialized cleaning agents and antimicrobials
  4.  Deep clean any salvageable carpeting or upholstered furniture using hot water extraction
  5.  Speed the drying process and remove moisture using industrial strength dehumidifiers
  6.  Deodorize the entire affected area if needed

Rest assured that our team is trained, certified and experienced in sewage cleanup.  We won't leave until your property is fresh, clean, and sanitized!  Remember, the longer you wait, the more serious the health risks become.  Quick reaction time can save your property and valuables from the long-term effects of water damage and microbial growth.  Call Renewit today!  585.473.7821

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